Welcome to the Two Foot Traveller

Welcome to the Two Foot Traveller


And welcome to my backpacking website, Two Foot Traveller. First I’d like to assure you that I am not two feet tall. However, I do have two feet, that have taken me to some amazing places around the world. Many of these were places that you can only get to through hiking or backpacking.

Whether you’re already a backpacking guru, a weekend warrior, or just looking to take your first step into the wide world of backpacking. Two Foot Traveller is a site dedicated to providing you with the information you need to dream, plan and then let your two feet carry you to your next adventure.


Do what you love

I was lucky enough to be born into a hiking family. I remember being dragged on a 10-mile hike (I’m sure it was closer to 3 miles), in the blistering heat, through the deserts of Southern Utah where I was sure I was going to die of exhaustion. Spoiler alert: I didn’t die, and I actually started to love hiking.

As a 12-year old, I didn’t always appreciate the endless opportunities I was given to lace up the boots and hit the trails. But as I grew, I learned to love the exercise, exhilaration, and solitude that I could find through hiking.

With hundreds, if not thousands of miles of trail behind me, I began to seek out more challenging and unknown terrain.

But even with my extensive experience, I found it difficult to make the leap between hiking and backpacking. My family had never taken me on treks longer than a single day hike, and the number of extra skills and equipment needed was daunting. Because I wanted to have safe adventures as well as exhilarating ones, I knew I needed some help. But I didn’t know where or even how to begin.

Over the years I have researched, practiced, tested myself, made mistakes and had wonderful adventures. I am now an outdoor professional and live the majority of my life outside doing wildlife research. Because of this, I use many backpacking skills every single day, such as map reading, GPS, dressing appropriately for the weather, and many more. A far cry from my early hiking days, I can now say I feel confident and comfortable with these skills.


From my own experience, I recognize how hard it can be to sort through the sheer amount of information out there on the internet. That’s why I wanted to create a website that offered relevant tips and stories to help you get your adventurous feet walking.

The goal is to connect all levels of adventurers with useful guidance and practical knowledge, that will help get you off the internet and into the wilderness as fast as you can lace up your boots.

The leap from day hikes to multi-day treks can seem like a big one. Whether you plan on sticking to day hikes a little longer, have already made the leap or are looking for someone to help you across, I want to help you become a Two Foot Traveller.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Two Foot Traveller

  1. I confess that neither my wife nor myself have ever been avid hikers. Living in Rout County Colorado for a few years we went on a few extended walks up to the Continental Divide, and the Flat Tops, we are not even interested in camping without a trailer. But we have faced cold nights before and your advice of avoiding “Icicling” will be studied in depth. What an excellent site you are building, Susan and I will be following you.

    1. Hi Rod,

      I personally haven’t done much hiking in Colorado but I hope to explore there more at some point. Many of the skills needed for backpacking are really useful for any outdoor activity. I hope my site can continue to be of use to you and your wife!

  2. I appreciate the humor and honesty in your ‘About Me’ section. Although I wasn’t concerned about your height to start out, it was good to be reassured and nice to find a fellow passionate backpacker. I can relate to your early backpacking stories, i.e. those times we thought we had done something wrong and our parents were out to punish us winding up being the pivotal foundations for our passion for the outdoors. I wish you all the best on your blogging and backpacking journeys! 

  3. Hi Mariah, how are you? I love that phrase because it is true, our feet can take us anywhere, to places where other means of transport do not arrive.

    I do not know much about hiking, how lucky you were to be born into a family that loves hiking!My husband also loves hiking and it is something I want to get into because I love nature and know new places. I’ll keep an eye on the posts you upload.Pao

  4. Hi Mariah

    Your story reminds me so much of the saying “If we were meant to stay in one place, God would have given us roots, not two feet meant for walking”.

    Thanks for telling us about your family’s involvement in hiking and the outdoors. I brought back memories of when I was young teenager, lived on a homestead, and had a trapline during the winter. Ended up in boy scouts so spent a lot of time learning camping skills. As an adult family with 3 daughters most of our vacations were spent in a tent and we lived on Northern Indian Reserves and Metis Colonies where we were always close to the great Northern outdoors. 

    I am now 75 and looking forward to your site for information on how to use technology to stay healthy, safe, well fed, warm and comfortable in the Northern Wilderness.

    Roger Humbke in Edmonton, Alberta

  5. Hi Mariah, how are you? Just read your article about the Sleeping Quilts. It´s pretty good. Did you ever try one of those? After a couple of Thruhikes it´s time to get new equipment, so I really appreciate your informations.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi there Torsten,

      Thanks for reaching out! I assume you are referring to this post: Best Quilts for Backpacking – Real Deal Recommendations? I wrote that article after compiling reported user satisfaction and recommendations from hundreds of backpackers. There are so many people with different opinions and someone else’s favorite sleeping bag in the world may not work for you. That’s why I wanted to see which sleeping bags came out on top overall. I feel that this is an indicator with a better chance of helping you decide what might work best for you, instead of just the recommendation of a single person. If you look at the pie chart in the article, those three quilts won by a landslide!