Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100 Dollars

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100 Dollars

We discussed the cream of the crop when it comes to sleeping bags in a couple of previous posts1. And if you’ve got the money to shell out for it, there’s no doubt that any of those sleeping bags will blow almost anything else out of the water when it comes to warmth, performance, and comfort.

However, even the cheapest of them clocked in with a price of over $200. I know that not everybody has that kind of money lying around, but your two feet are still itching to go travelling. So this post is dedicated to the best budget sleeping bags of 2019.

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There are tons of quality sleeping bag models out there. But the goal here is to find the best sleeping bags for under 100 dollars or close to it. So I went through the list and slashed out anything with a price tag much bigger than a Benjamin. Prices often fluctuate over time so be sure to check all the links and find the best current price!

Don’t try to compare these bags to any $300 and $400 bags. But, these are the shining stars of the budget class and, depending on your personal style, could be everything you’ve ever wanted or needed in a sleeping bag!

Kelty Cosmic 20

Temperature Rating: 20º F Lower Limit | 30º Comfort

Insulation: 600 fill power water-resistant down

Weight: 2lb 9ozP

Favorite features: Down filling for a great price, large size for unrestricted sleep

Potential Cons: May not keep you comfortable at lower temps depending on if you sleep warm or cold

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100 Dollars

Kelty is a rock solid brand in the sleeping bag industry. Their sleeping bags come in all shapes, sizes and fills and they have some excellent down bags in the near $100 range. Down is by far the preferred fill for anyone who cares about warmth and packability. But it can get expensive!

It’s pretty difficult to find a quality down bag anywhere near $100 but Kelty made the magic happen with the Cosmic 20. There are both men and women versions of the Cosmic and both are three season bags that’ll keep you toasty down to the 20º range.

The Cosmic 20 is pretty roomy for a mummy bag, making it a nice choice for larger hikers. Made with 600 fill power, water resistant, dri-down this bag doesn’t immediately lose all insulating power upon getting wet as some other down bags do.

The regular size bag stuffs down to 8X14 inches, which is only slightly larger than most of the 3, 4 and 5 hundred dollar premium sleeping bags we reviewed in a previous article and weighs 2 lb 9 oz. Overall, the compressibility, weight, reliability, and warmth for the price is phenomenal!

There’s not a whole lot of Cosmic 20s left on the market right now so hurry and grab one before they’re out of stock across the board!

Check below to find the best price.

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Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z

Temperature Rating: 34º F Lower Limit | 42º Comfort

Insulation: Thermal.Q Thermic Micro Synthetic Insulation

Weight: 2lb 1 ozP

Favorite features: Stuff size and weight are excellent for a synthetic bag! Synthetic insulation does better in wet conditions.

Cons: Synthetic insulation’s warmth vs. packability ratio is not quite as good as a down bag, although the Lamina Z gets darn close!

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100 Dollars

The Lamina Z is a great 3 season bag especially for those who expect to encounter wet environments. Unlike down, synthetic insulation retains its ability to keep you warm even when it gets wet. And this sleeping bag features a water-resistant shell as well.

This synthetic bag packs down surprisingly well to fit into a 6 X12 inch stuff sack. Yeah, I could hardly believe it either but it’s true! The sub $100 price tag is easy on the wallet and you might even be able to score a 20º rated Lamina Z at Amazon or the women’s model on Backcountry for less than you can buy the 34º bag elsewhere. Snatch those up before someone else does!

The Lamina Z features a welded design that allocates extra insulation to the areas you most need it, like your core and feet, and provides a high amount of loft to keep you warm. It’s basically got all the desirable features of a down bag and improves upon it through its water resistance. You can be sure you’ll have a toasty, comfortable night camping with this sleeping bag.

Backcountry Montana

Temperature Rating: 0º F Lower Limit | 15º Comfort

Insulation: Synthetic

Weight: 4lb 8.5oz

Favorite features: Killer price for that level of warmth!

Cons: Only comes in one size, heavy

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100

This sleeping bag is a Backcountry exclusive and warmth to price ratio is mind-blowing! It’s pretty much unheard-of to find a 0º bag for anywhere near $100 price tag. But now you’ve heard of it, because that’s exactly what you get with the Backcountry Montana.

The Backcountry Montana is the only sleeping bag on this list that can be used in all four seasons. It’ll keep you warm in winter with its 3 pounds of synthetic insulation that will stay warm even when it gets damp. The draft collar and draft tube also serve to lock the cold air out before it can sap you of that hard-earned warmth.

Don’t be afraid to take the Montana on summer outings either! When the seasons change and you start getting too toasty, just unzip the sleeping bag and keep using it. A large amount of insulation makes for a cushy, comfy nights sleep.

Get it on Backcountry. And, if you prefer to save even more cash, you can buy the 20º version.

Teton Sports Leef

Temperature Rating: 20º F Survival | 40º Comfort

Insulation: PolarLite Micro insulation

Weight: 3lb 8ozP

Favorite features: Cheap! Inside pockets on both sides for electronics or other small items, able to fit taller people comfortably

Cons: Heavier and less compressible

We’re digging deep into the bargains now. And if $60 – $75 isn’t a bargain price then I don’t know what is. And yet, the Teton Sports Leef is not the typical bargain quality that you might expect. It is a well put together 3 season sleeping bag you can trust to keep you warm and comfortable.

The Leef features a 3-piece hood designed to fit like a glove (a face glove?) and keep pesky drafts out of your bag while still allowing you to breathe easily. A full-length draft tube and extra insulation in the foot box serve to keep you warm where you need it the most.

The Leef is on the tall side so it is a great pick for taller backpackers or people who like some extra room in the foot area. Check Moosejaw for sales. You can also find all the sizes here.

Hyke and Byke Shavano

Temperature Rating: 32º F

Insulation: 650 Fill Power Duck down

Weight: 1.9lbP

Favorite features: One of the lightest most compressible sleeping bags you can find in the $100 range

Cons: Shell fabric is not as durable as some other bags

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100 Dollars

We need more budget down bags in our lives! It’s hard to find down in the $100 range but we’ve got a couple more up our sleeves! First up is the Hyke and Byke Shavano which comes in at about $120 dollars. This is pushing our $100 limit but we couldn’t help ourselves when it came to this bag.

Hyke and Byke makes a number of quality, affordable, super packable down bags and the Shavano is its lightest weight offering. Hyke and Byke bags come with a number of features that are more typical of sleeping bags in a price range upwards of $200. Among these features are baffles, dual-zippers that allow you to open the bottom to vent while still keeping it zipped around your upper body, a lifetime warranty, and a sub 2lb weight.

The Shavano has 650 fill power down compartmentalized in horizontal baffles with a channel running along the left side that allows you to shift the down around the bag to where you need it most.

You will love the loft, packability, and weight of this bag! They also have a 15º option for only $30 more if you’re looking for twice the fill and twice the warmth. As an added bonus, Hyke and Byke bags come in more color options than almost any other sleeping bag on the market. You can find this sleeping bag on Amazon but you can get a sweet deal if you purchase directly from Hyke and Byke’s website.

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Outdoor Vitals Atlas 30º

Temperature Rating: 30º F

Insulation: 550+ Fill Power Down

Weight: 2lb 11oz

Favorite features: Roomier than the Shavano, 2-person compatible if you buy a right and left-hand zip

Cons: A little on the heavy side for its temperature rating

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100

Last, but not least, of our down filled sleeping bags is the Outdoor Vitals Atlas 30º sleeping bag. Outdoor Vitals is a relatively new company founded on the basis of living ultralight. They believe that the world benefits when we consume less, by using premium products that last longer. They also cut costs through direct sales and donate 1% of all sales revenue to people in need in developing countries.

The Atlas 30º is their most affordable down sleeping bag. The 30º rating is a conservative benchmark that is better thought of as a comfort rating rather than a survival one. Depending on your sleep style you may be able to push that limit down 10º or so.

The weight is a bit bulkier than a lot of similar down bags and, in fact, is even bulkier than the synthetic Lamina Z, which is a bit of a bummer. However, the Atlas will likely keep you warmer than the Lamina.

The Atlas is also much more durable than the Hyke and Byke Shavano, which is probably one factor that contributed to its higher weight. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Click here to purchase directly from Outdoor Vitals. They also have 15º models and refurbished bags available. The refurbished items have been inspected, repaired, and still include the lifetime warranty so they’re a great way to save a few bucks that you can then use on another piece of gear as you build your arsenal.

Slumberjack Boundary 20

Temperature Rating: 20º F

Insulation: Slumberloft Synthetic Insulation

Weight: 3lb 7oz

Favorite features: Dual-zip, wider shape allows for more movement during sleep

Cons: Heavier, not as compressible

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100

We’ll end with the cheapest bargain on the list. A super bargain if you will. And though the price is cheap, the construction of this Slumberjack is not.

I love the dual-zipper feature which can be difficult to find in sleeping bags of this price range. If your feet get claustrophobic like mine sometimes do, you can open the bottom and kick a leg out without sacrificing the warmth of the rest of your body.

Slumberjack’s Boundary is heavier than most other bags on this list, but it’s not terrible. Some people would try to tell you not to use a bag like this for backpacking, but I can say, from personal experience, that it’s not bad for a quick trip. You may benefit from purchasing a separate compression sack as the one included doesn’t really compress.

The wider cut of this bags mummy shape allows you to have more freedom of movement during sleep, but it also means you may get colder. The Boundary features draft tube, draft collar and a flip-over-hood that you can change between flat or contoured cur depending on your preference and the current weather. Treat the 20º temperature rating as a survival rating, not a comfort rating.

You can find an excellent price for both the regular and long size on Moosejaw. There is also the option of a women’s specific bag with a slightly smaller cut and added insulation because women tend to sleep colder than men.

Final Face-Off

If you’re looking to quickly compare features of each of the budget sleeping bags on our list, then look no further! Use the comparison table below. The table is based on the regular size for each sleeping bag. Most of these bags come in a long version as well, which may have different dimensions, weights, and pricing.

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100
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If you have any questions, comments, or personal testimonials about your experience with these or similar sleeping bags, please let us know in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Under 100 Dollars

  1. These are some great sleeping bags, I am surprised you can find so many for under $100 which still retain great temperature control and quality.  A big factor for me would be weight and size as well, as I adore compact stuff thanks to travelling with a family.

    Great review!  Thanks for the info.  It has certainly helped!


    1. Thanks for commenting Kris! I love the compactness as well. The Lamina Z is a great candidate if you want something that compresses a lot!

  2. Hi and thanks for listing these great budget quality sleeping bags.

    I need space in my foot compartment, I hate it when I can’t move my legs enough. I see most of the bags have rather small space at the bottom, the Kelty Cosmic is, in fact, the best for this feature.

    Just looking at the pictures I thought the Hike and Byke would be bigger and I like that this one is very light and compact when stuffed but the foot area is definitely too small for me.

    Thanks, I’ll mark this site for the summer 🙂

  3. Nice selection of sleeping bags, I was wondering what your top selection of all the budget ones was – would be quite handy if you gave each one a score from your own perspective.

    I normally only camp when the weather is nice, don’t like the cold! Are you going to do a review of perhaps an Ultra Budget category for sleeping bags?

    1. If I had to choose, I would most likely recommend the Kelty Cosmic 20. However, I didn’t score and rate each one in order of which bag is best because there is not necessarily a way to do that. Everyone is looking for something different based on their own personal circumstances. For example, I am partial to down-filled sleeping bags but if someone were planning on camping in an extremely wet area I would recommend the Lamina Z which is synthetic. 

      That’s why I included some quick important facts on each bag along with my favorite positives and some possible negatives, instead of rating them.

      Most sleeping bags cheaper than the ones listed in this article would not be suitable for backpacking because they would likely be too heavy/ bulky. But I could certainly do an ultra-budget sleeping bag post for car camping sleeping bags if that’s something you would like to see. 

  4. Well I got some happy flashbacks of some good trekking and camping trips from reading your article.

    I would have such a good selection to choose from if I were to repeat those trips – maybe I’d need one of each lol. I know I could have used a much warmer one when I camped in Alberta in February one year. An experiment.

    That was a while ago and I can see the construction of sleeping bags in general have improved considerably. 

    They are important items to say the least because nothing makes a good challenging trip better than quality rest! 

  5. Hi Mariah,

    Thanks for the excellent review about the best budget sleeping bags under 100 dollars. It can be really hard to find quality items for a good price. But your review has made it easy. I like the Outdoor Vitals Atlas 30º sleeping bag model. I plan to travel with some of my friends to a secret spot and camp there. I think your article will be helpful for all of us. I am going to discuss it with them. I am also going to bookmark this page in my favorites. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. First of all, thank you for sharing this and for making the effort to research and compare so many different options on a sleeping bag. You have helped me out as I am going to order some for my trip to the Swedish mountains in 1.5 months, I’m going with a group of 5 other people so I’m going to recommend they have a look at this as well. 

    Thanks again for sharing this!

  7. Hi Mariah – this is great information on buying some great sleeping bags for under $100.  I don’t get to do as much camping as I would like, so it’s hard to justify buying the top of the line models for all the gear I need.  I appreciate you putting together this list of great options for me.  I think I would go with the Slumberjack because it’s wider with more room for sleeping.



    1. It’s true that it’s hard to justify buying a $300 dollar sleeping bag if you don’t really go backpacking. The Slumberjack Boundary is not the best if you want to backpack because it’s heavier and bulkier (although it is doable). But if you’re planning on taking it car camping then it is an awesome choice!

  8. These sleeping bags certainly look cozy. I love the compact design of all the models you reviewed. The Vital Atlas 30 looks really cool and comfortable. It’s interesting to note that such a beautiful sleeping bag could be sold at 50 bucks. The only downside I see with the Atlas 30 is the bulky nature. However, that is more than compensated for by it’s durability. Whenever I have the need for a sleeping bag, the outdoor Vitals Atlas would be my sleeping bag of choice.

    1. Thanks for reaching out! The outdoor vitals atlas has a price tag of about $100. Are you perhaps mixing it up with the Slumberjack Boundary? 

  9. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on best budget sleeping bags for under $100. I am not good at travelling but I found those sleeping bags very cheap compared to other bags I know.

    If I have to buy a sleeping bag I will buy the Kelty Cosmic 20 because we can find it for men or for women and that is very important to know before buying a sleeping bag.

    1. Hi there,

      Many sleeping bags are unisex, which is fine, but sometimes it can be nice to have a specific bag for your gender. Especially if you are a woman because we tend to be smaller and get colder easier. 

  10. Great article, full of choices I’ve been looking for over the last few weeks, but I have one problem I was hoping you could help me with. 

    I’m a tall slim guy, around the 6 foot 3 mark, and I’m wondering which of the options above would be best for my size? 

    There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep with bent knees (I’ve tried it many times before!). 

    1. Hi Chris! Excellent question. Due to your height, I would recommend purchasing the long size of one of the sleeping bags instead of the regular size. Although the Outdoor Vitals Atlas and the Teton Sports Leef both have a max user height of 6′ 6″ so the regular size of either of those bags may work for you as well. Personally, I like a little extra room for my feet so it may be better to go with the long anyway. I hope that helps! 

  11. Hello Mariah,

    Excellent review with several models of sleeping bags with different features that we can choose. In my case every year together with two other friends we go fishing and camping very close to the sea. At night it is a cold and very humid environment, I really like the most economic model. I love the double closing, I can move better inside. I will consult your post again before making the purchase with my two friends. See you soon! Claudio

    1. Hi Claudio,

      That sounds like a great trip. I think that particular sleeping bag will work well for you because synthetic bags do better in humid environments. If you end up making the purchase, come back and let us know how you liked it after you try it out.